Korean-American Kayler Head, MLB or NFL.

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There are two best players in baseball and football. Kyle Murray (21) is a junior at Oklahoma University in the U.S. He is a rising star who is receiving attention from the American sports community these days. Will he choose between the Major League Baseball (MLB) and the U.S. Professional Football (NFL)? Or will he be able to do both events like Bo Jackson and Dion Sanders? 

Her hair won the 84th John Heisman Memorial Trophy at the Atletic Club in Manhattan, New York on Thursday (local time). The Heightsman Trophy is a prize for the best football player in the U.S. Head, whose position is quarterback, scored a total of 2,167 points, including 517 votes, the 17 votes. It beat the nation's No. 1 ranking Alabama quarterback Tua Tatabaloa by 296 points. Head scored from 92 percent of the voters. It is the third highest rate ever. 

In addition to the Hijman 메이저사이트 Trophy, Murray also won the "Sportsman of the Year" award and the "Dave O'Brien" award selected by the Associated Press this year. He led Oklahoma to advance to the semifinals with 12 wins and one loss in college football this season. During the regular season, he recorded 70.6 percent pass success rate, 3674 yards forward pass and 37 touchdown passes. The intercepts were allowed only seven times. His shoulders were strong and his feet were fast, so he tried 113 rushes and rushed 853 yards to record 11 rushing touchdowns. Oklahoma City, which ranks fourth in the nation, will face Alabama at the Orange Ball (Four Final of Playoff) that will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on Tuesday.

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