ESPN's "LAD Active Trade Possibility" for Ryu Hyun-jin's Windless Region

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There are predictions that the Los Angeles Dodgers could become the main character of winter meeting. It is expected that they will try to aggressively trade by utilizing redundant resources within the team. Of course, Ryu Hyun-jin (31) is an exception.

ESPN, a U.S. sports media, predicted the Dodgers' winter meeting on Tuesday (Korea time). After failing to win the World Series title for the second straight year, the Dodgers is expected to strengthen its capabilities this year. The possibility of hiring FA players such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado has not disappeared, but the local media are paying more attention to the possibility of trade. This is a more realistic alternative.

To summarize ESPN's prospects, the Dodgers is expected to release redundant resources for outfields and starters into the trade market. "Dazers has a deep, healthy infield, and strong starting rotation," ESPN said. "But there is a part that needs to be complemented by bullpen and the catcher position that Yasmani Grandal has left still needs to be reinforced." It is predicted that the two counter-point will be resolved through trade.

ESPN's outfield options are Yasiel Puyg, Matt Kemp, and the author, Pederson. Kemp 사설토토 now has only one year left on his long-term contract. Despite the rebound, the Dodgers are likely to receive the offer if it can be sorted out. Even if one person is organized, there will be no big problem in planning outfield next year.

On the other hand, Alex Burgess, who is seen as a future star, is sure to have the highest value. ESPN said, "If the Dodgers release the burgos, it will be able to use them to win big starting pitchers in the trade market such as Cori Clover, Trevor Bauer, and Noah Cinderd."

There are also many starting pitchers. Ace Clayton Kershaw or future ace Walker Bueller is not a trade target. Ryu Hyun-jin, who received the qualifying offer, will have the right to refuse trade until June 15. However, ESPN pointed out that there are many options to choose from except for them, including Ross Stripling and Julio Yoorias.

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