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Thai Aviation Academy was established not only through the appreciation of the arts of flying but also from the entrepreneur experiences of the founders. Our dedication to aviation will affirm the academy’s quality, care and professionalism.

The Chandrubeksa family began their relationship within the aviation industry four generations ago. Starting from Air Chief Marshal Boonchu Chandrubeksa who was in position of commander in chief of the air force for the longest in the history of Thailand, (1960 – 1974) who was able to inspire the rest of his family to pursue the same path. Chanin, his son, became a jet fighter and retired as the governor of airport authority of Thailand. Chanin’s passion for flying fueled his two sons; Chalitrat and Chanarat. Chalirat became the managing director of the Thai flying service serial aviation business and now acts as the president of the academy where as the younger brother became a commander of Squadron 601 wing 6. As for the fourth generation, Chawanrat enrolled at the Royal Thai Air Force academy as an Airforce Fighter Pilot. The family believes it is their duty to provide a solid community as well as a premium aviation education for the future generations.

We hope that our dedication towards Aviation as well as experience in multiple industries will help us win your faith and integrity. Our goal is to make an Academy that is remarkable in more ways than one and will be the right fit for you.

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